Cooling and Trucking


Cooling Facility

Our pre-cooling, cold storage and processing center is a 25,000sq ft facility used to refrigerate vegetables and produce. Our facility is fully equipped to accommodate inbound produce for storage and it is expertly handled by our operators and outbound shipping team.


Knorr Trucking can provide safe and reliable transportation services for short-haul situations. Contact us today to find out more about our services.


Q: Where is the cooler located?
A: 10 miles south of Maricopa at Clayton Road.  The cooler is a few hundred feet west of the corner and is the only large building in the area.

Q: What kinds of produce do you handle?

A: The large majority of our cooler inventory in a given year is peppers. We also cool and store local grapes and have handled melons and other vegetables for customers in the past.