Welcome to Knorr Farms

Our family-owned farm has been successful for over 25 years in farming top grade fresh produce and commodities.

Excellent produce and superior customer satisfaction.

About Knorr Farms


Click here to find out more about our the Knorr Farms company and history in Pinal County, Arizona.

Our Peppers


Knorr Farms specializes in Jalapeño Peppers, which come in several varieties.  We also grow many other types of peppers. Click here to learn more. 

Our Other Crops


In the past 25 years Knorr Farms has grown a wide variety of produce & commodities. Interested in what we grow for our customers?

Cooling and Trucking


Our pre-cooling, cold storage and processing center is a 25,000 square foot facility used to refrigerate vegetables and produce. 

Consulting and Specialized Crops


Knorr Farms offers services in specialized crop production. We also offer consulting and farming on established or raw land.  

Contact US


For more information about our farm, crops or any of our services, here's how to reach us.